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In memory of their son, Finnan, Alisa and Oliver Camplin-Warner today presented the Cardiac Department at the Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH), Melbourne, with a $150,000 cheque.  This outstanding contribution will enable the RCH to purchase state of the art Heart Arrhythmia equipment. The donation brings the total amount raised by Finnan’s Gift since 2011 to more than $1.25 million.


“We are so proud to be able to honour Finnan’s memory in this way and to support so many patients and their families at the RCH. Meeting the Gunn family at the cheque handover event today, and hearing how extensive Julian’s Heart Arrhythmia issues have been, reminds you how serious every Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) patients journey is. It reaffirms for us, that Finnan’s Gift is truly making a tangible difference in helping the RCH improve and save lives of children with cardiac issues,” said Alisa.


Arrhythmia in children is a potentially life threatening condition where abnormal electrical impulses cause the patients heart to beat irregularly. This cutting edge technology identifies and destroys the abnormal electrical impulses that cause Heart Arrhythmia with incredible accuracy, enabling the RCH to successfully treat more cardiac patients, improve recovery times and reduce stress on families.


“Since 2011 Finnan’s Gift has funded numerous pieces of world-class equipment and invested in advanced training through scholarships that have directly improved the care of cardiac patients and children requiring intensive care treatment at the RCH. 


This simply would not have been possible without our wonderful supporters from across the community, many of whom are families just like us, ” said Alisa.


Sue Hunt, CEO, RCH Foundation thanked the Camplin-Warner’s for their unwavering commitment and heartfelt support.


“Alisa and Oliver have shown incredible dedication in their support of cardiac care at the RCH. Their compassion for fellow families affected by congenital heart disease and drive to make a difference has helped build a strong community of supporters that together are changing the future of children’s health.”








Finnan's Gift Grant 2015. On 5 March 2015 we presented a $250,000 cheque to purchase new pumps for 4 critical life support machines for the RCH's Paediatric ICU.
Finnan's Gift Grant 2014. Reaching our large $75,000 target meant that on 11 March 2014 we were able to hand over 6 monitors to the PICU that measure the levels of blood and oxygen in children after surgery.
Finnan's Gift Grant 2013.  On 23 April we proudly presented the $20,000 Finnan's Gift Grant to the Perfusion Team to develop a monitor to measure blood & oxygen supply during surgery.
Finnan's Gift Grant 2012.  Thanks to your generosity we were able to make the 2012 grant a reality and donate $20,000 to support PICU nurses with their professional development.
Finnan's Gift Grant 2011. Our very first grant to the RCH purchased a $300,000 echocardiology scanner to help provide the best possible equipment available to assess the heart.





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