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An inspiring and amazing young woman; Anna Tiso is one of Finnan’s Gift’s youngest but oldest supporters, and we were so excited to interview her and learn of her incredible efforts in raising funds and awareness for Finnan’s Gift!


Finnan’s Gift: What first made you interested in community service?

Anna: Every Christmas we would get a World Vision booklet delivered to our house, and it made me think “I want to do something special and donate a gift, like water, or a goat or cow, to a child in Africa”. I was in Year 2 at the time, and I went to our class teacher and she helped me organize for everyone in our class to raise money. We all donated a little bit, whatever we could afford, and as a class we were able to decide what gift to donate. We raised about $200


FG: How did you first hear about Finnan’s Gift?

A: Alisa was my next-door neighbour, and my mum told me about Finnan’s passing. I was very sad for Alisa and it’s what inspired me to start fundraising. As I moved through school and in to Year 6, I knew there was an opportunity for me to be Social Service Captain for my house and raise money for charities, and raising money for Finnan’s Gift was the vision I had going into Year 6.


FG: How did you get your class to decide on Finnan’s Gift again this year?

A: I advocated for Finnan’s Gift by presenting a PowerPoint to my class, and they all voted in favour of supporting it!


FG: How did you fundraise for Finnan’s Gift this year?

A: Our Social Service stall was a treat stand at lunchtime – we were only given 3 days to plan it, but our class of 25 pulled together and we raised $312!  Our lunchtime runs for 45minutes, so we divided the class into groups of 3: the first group helped setup the stall before lunch and did 5 minutes of service into lunch, the second group did 20 minutes of service, and the third did the final 20 minutes of service. We were selling things like cupcakes, spiders and ice-cream sundaes! We setup near the school café, so the whole of senior school had access to our stall. We sold out of everything, except for two biscuits!


FG: What are some examples of fundraising you have organized in the past?

A: Last year we raised $1,448 for Finnan’s Gift! This was a record at my school. We were able to do special lunch orders where we sold hot dogs and we ran multiple different stalls at our House Social Service day in November.  The stalls included sweets like cupcakes, slices and jelly cups, treats like lolly bags and games including coin tosses and balloon popping,  We also sold items such as nail polishes and lip glosses and our house ‘Berry’ also made DIY glow jars. It took a lot of planning to make sure each year level understood their tasks, with year 5s being giving more complex things like organizing cupcakes and year 3s doing the lolly bags. We were also very thankful that many parents donated their time and gifts to sell on the day.


FG: What is the next fundraising task for your class?

A: Next term we will be bringing in non-perishable items, and sending them to a homeless shelter, where they make food and provide meals for those in need.


FG: Would you run for Social Service Captain again?

A: Yes! In year 7 we had to make posters explaining what we had done to deserve the position and then the class took a vote, and I would love to be elected again next year.



Anna finished with “fundraising really is a team effort, and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support of my other social service captains, my class and the teachers, we really pulled together to make it happen”.








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