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Finnan's Gift



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Team Finnan's Gift

Top Individuals

  • Roy LeMiere Roy LeMiere $530.00
  • Kaitlin McMahon Kaitlin McMahon $50.00
  • Emma Brennan Emma Brennan $0.00

Ray White's fundraising for Finnan's Gift

Top Individuals

  • Ben Thomas Benjamin Thomas $2,250.00
  • Cassy Prouse Cassy Prouse $882.00
  • Paul Waterhouse Paul Waterhouse $680.00

Top Teams

  • Crystal McFadyen Ray White Fern Tree Gully 2017 $10,917.15
  • Stefanie Taylor Ray White Commercial 2017 $923.00
  • Courtney Newbourne Ray White Bayswater 2017 $790.00









Finnan's Gift is an authorised community fundraiser for The Royal Children's Hospital Foundation. All donations to Finnan's Gift go directly to The Royal Children's Hospital Foundation and are distributed to The Royal Children's Hospital in accordance with the wishes of Finnan's Gift's co-founders, Alisa and Oliver Camplin-Warner. Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible, and will receive an email tax receipt from The Royal Children's Hospital Foundation.     





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