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With your support, Finnan's Gift will help save and improve lives by providing tangible gifts to The Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne. Whether it be a piece of critical equipment, much needed research, advanced training or greater support for patients and families, Finnan's Gift makes a difference while raising awareness of Congenital Heart Disease.

We are incredibly proud of the many gifts made so far and all who've helped make it possible. We hope you will find it within your strong working heart to make a donation or help raise funds, which will improve the odds for all the children whose little hearts still need serious help.

With love,

We feel like a million bucks! Finnan's Gift celebrates reaching the $1 million dollar fundraising milestone at the 2015 grant presentation.   The Collingwood Football Club helps to spread the Team Finnan's Gift message. If you were looking for extra motivation to get involved, this could be it!
Our $250,000 goal for 2015 The next Finnan's Gift Grant will be presented on March 5, 2015 at the Royal Children's Hospital. Help us to reach our goal of $250,000 by making a donation or raising funds.
  Ray White Op Shop Ball celebrates a wonderful success. Congratulations to John Shore & his team at Ray White Chelsea, who raised $44,000. Guests dressed in their finest op shop clothes & bought up big in support of Finnan's Gift. 
We did it!! With your help we reached our $75,000 target
Thank you to everyone who made a donation or raised funds for last year's grant. With your help we secured the $75,000 needed and have bought 6 monitors for the Intensive Care Unit!
The Camplin-Warner's share their love
Alisa and Oliver recently spoke to 60 Minutes about their love for the Royal Children's Hospital and their hopes about the future of Finnan's Gift.











We are passionate, we are determined to make a difference,
we will work all hours possible... but without you we are nothing!