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A Heart-felt Thank-you to Ray White VIC/Tas


Finnan’s Gift founders, Alisa and Oliver Camplin-Warner, have sent a very personal and heartfelt message to everyone in the Ray White Vic/Tas network, to express their very humble gratitude for a mindblowing $111,092.28 raised for Finnan’s Gift in 2015.


“We are so overwhelmed by the personal contribution of so many generous people within Ray White.  To say we are blown away by the $111,092.28 raised last year, would be a massive understatement”, said Alisa.  “Every cent of this money will help purchase new start-of-the-art Heart Arrhythmia equipment for the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, dramatically improving outcomes for patients and their families.  I can’t tell you what a difference this is going to make to so many people”.  Oliver added, “It has been such a pleasure working with so many different offices, teams and individuals within Ray White, and we have had so much fun and made many great friends along the way.  We really can’t thank everyone enough”.


There is no doubt that Alisa and Oliver are quite emotional about the collective efforts of the Ray White network, as they look forward to raising even more for Finnan’s Gift in 2016.